Fashion is Life!

Fashion is Life!

We have always wanted to look and dress like the great fashion icons. How could you not, with all the glitz and the glamour? Who doesn't want to look and feel beautiful.  Then reality sets in and you realize that you can't afford any of it. So you wait for sales on 5th Ave or shop at consignment shops. You think to yourself, maybe you can find a deal or two there.  You spend hours searching the racks. You spend more than you should, buying things you can't afford. Then at the end of the month when you receive your credit card bills, all you can do is cry! How many of you can relate? Females addicted to retail. I'm sure many of you do, no need to all comment at once. (Maybe in on of my future posts we can discuss our addiction to retail)

When we created, it was with all of this in mind. We wanted to offer affordable fashion that was accessible to everyone. Imagine all the thrills associated with shopping and looking good with out any of the guilt. No need to max out your credit cards or go into debt to look good.

Going forward on this blog we want to not only highlight what we sell on our website, but some of the sales that we find from other websites. We believe true fashion is not only being able to buy designer, but knowing how to mix and match items to create your own unique style. So when we know about a sale, you will know about a sale. When I try a new beauty product, you will know about the product. Hopefully you will feel comfortable sharing the great deals you find and all of your beauty tips. 

So stay warm on this snow day. Grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and get ready to enjoy beauty with ESQUE.

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