The Boss Is Back : ANTM Week One Review

The Boss Is Back : ANTM Week One Review

Hello Esque Beauties,

First things first, Tyra Banks is back! So excited! Tyra has decided to switch up season 24 by lifting the barriers on becoming America’s Next Top Model. What does that mean? There are women of all color, ages, shapes and sizes. This has to be one of the most diverse seasons yet. Tyra wanted to “celebrate the beauty in all of us”. Everyone deserves to see a version of themselves being represented whether it’s in modeling, acting, politics, etc.

The Judges


Alongside Tyra Banks we have, Ashley Graham, Drew Elliot, and Law Roach. Ashley Graham is a supermodel, body activist and designer. Drew Elliot is the Chief Creative Director of PAPER magazine. Lastly we have Law Roach, who is an image architect.

Season 24 Cast



This season the contestants are competing for a contract with Next Model Management, a fashion spread in Paper magazine and a cash prize of $100,00 from Pantene.

Also this season the contestants can be cut from the competition at anytime. These women will have to always bring their A game. Episode one started with 26 contestants auditioning for ANTM. By the end of the auditions there were 20 women.

The first photo shoot took place at the Greystone Mansion in LA. Styling the shoot was, Nicola Formichetti who is a designer and an artistic director of Diesel. He is also in charge of most of Lady Gaga’s iconic looks.

Following the photo shoot, Tyra decided that some on the girls were not up to par. Immediately after the photo shoot there was a fashion show and Tyra eliminated two girls right before the show. After the show, the girls arrived to the model house, but there were only 14 beds. Which ultimately means 4 more girls are about to get cut.

The next day Tyra shows up and announces the finalist! (The women are pictured above) The finalists are definitely a diverse bunch. They consist of an older woman, a cancer survivor, and a woman who is battling alopecia.

Tyra made a decision to make it 15 girls and made room for a contestant named Erin. Erin is 42 years old and put aside her dream of becoming a model to raise her 5 children and 3 grandchildren.

Tyra is definitely changing the game this season and opening the doors to so many women! I can’t wait to tune in next week!

Comment below and let us know your thoughts on the Season 24 Premiere. Stay tuned for next weeks recap! #nextlevelfierce


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